4 Common Misdemeanors

4 Common Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors might not be considered as big as a serious felony, but you might still need some legal help if you're going through one. Some common misdemeanors include shoplifting, petty theft, drug possession and more.

Danks & Danks is a well-known law firm based in Evensville, Indiana. We can help you with all your legal matters, however small it is. Keep reading to learn about the four common misdemeanors:

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Injury Law in Evansville

Some injury cases are also regarded as misdemeanors. Our award winning team of attorneys can help you secure the compensation you need after getting injured in serious accidents. Each of our attorneys dedicates their practice to specific areas of law, and knows exactly what is needed to deliver positive results.


Traffic Crime Matters in Evansville

Traffic violations are normally considered as misdemeanors or felonies. Danks & Danks can help you with a traffic crime matter with our team of skilled professionals. Whatever the situation is, our team will be there to guide you and win the case for you.


Drug Possession in Evansville

Drug possession or drug crimes are a common issue, especially here in Evansville. If you know someone facing something similar, we understand how bad things can get. Drug possession is also considered a misdemeanor. Danks & Danks law firm is here to help you with your case. With the right expertise and knowledge, we will help you win.


Car Wreck in Evansville

A car wreck can add an unbearable cost to your pocket. We at Danks & Danks can help you claim its worth. You can get a free and confidential case review by one fo our attorney. Our criminal defense attorney can help you get the compensation necessary to help you put your life back together.

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