"When I hung the first Danks & Danks sign outside a small office almost 30 years ago, this firm relied upon a strong word of mouth reputation for success. This firm has grown, but our reputation is as important to us today as it was then. Our award-winning attorneys take pride in our proven history of delivering results our client’s need, with service they can trust. From local county courts to the Indiana Supreme Court, time and time again Danks & Danks has shown that when We Fight, You Win."

- Scott A. Danks, Founder and Partner

Meet Our Attorneys

Meet Our Team

At Danks & Danks, our team takes pride in giving you the peace of mind you want, and the results you need.

At Danks & Danks, you’ll find a team of attorneys dedicated to any area of law you need. Our attorneys collaborate with each other, drawing experience from years of practice in multiple fields to craft the best case possible for you. You may need a personal injury attorney to help you fight for proper compensation for injuries you suffered in an accident. You may need a criminal defense attorney to help defend yourself against criminal charges that could ruin your life. You may need an attorney specializing in family law to fight for a divorce settlement that leaves you well-situated to go on and build the next chapter of your life. No matter why you may need to go to court, Danks & Danks is there for you. We Fight, You Win.


Our attorneys have been working in our local courts for decades. We know how to build cases that are highly effective by tailoring them to the courts and attorneys who will be involved in your case. Over the years we have built a rock-solid record of success in part because of our knowledge of the local courts, and also with the litigation and negotiation skills that we bring to the table. We know how to deliver on our reputation for securing meaningful results for our clients.

Our Promise to You

Our relationship with our clients sets us apart. We believe that the strongest cases are built upon a foundation of knowing our clients and their needs. By developing relationships with our clients we learn what will be the best outcome for them, and we build our cases toward achieving those goals.

You deserve the highest level of commitment. We promise to always stand by your side, and fight aggressively for your case.

Our Attorneys


Scott Danks

Scott Danks is a founding partner of Danks & Danks, with over 30 years of experience winning high profile trials throughout the tristate.

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Rick Cory

Rick Cory is a founding partner of Danks & Danks with over 30 years of experience securing verdicts in trials for major injuries and wrongful deaths throughout the tristate.

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Brandon Danks

Brandon Danks is dedicated to defending client’s interests in and out of court. Brandon litigates major disputes for client businesses, as well as criminal defense and family matters.

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Jonathan Danks

Jonathan Danks is committed to fighting for client’s in and out of court. Jonathan handles injury law trials, criminal defense, and family law.

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Andrew Pittman

Andrew Pittman is a proven litigator with the credentials to back it up. Andrew practices bankruptcy litigation, and criminal defense.

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