How A DUI Impacts Other Areas Of Your Life

How A DUI Impacts Other Areas Of Your Life

When you get pulled over for a DUI, there is instantly a lot of moving parts added to your life. A DUI charge is extensive and can impact different aspects of your life and the people around you. Your trusted criminal defense attorneys here at Danks & Danks Law Firm have compiled a list of areas in your life that are impacted due to a DUI conviction.

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Hefty Fines

First and foremost, there are hefty fines accrued from the beginning of a DUI felony charge. There are court fines, a bail to get out a jail, fines for any classes you need to take, and additional financial hits along the way. Fines can add up quickly and can put a massive strain on your financial situation.

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Revoked Drivers License

Depending on the circumstances and if you have any prior convictions, your driver’s license can get revoked. Without a driver’s license, you can miss out on significant events in your life such as traveling to visit family and friends, attending social events, and even something as simple as running errands.



With that being said, a DUI conviction can also negatively impact your current employment. If you get your license revoked, you cannot drive to work which might cause you to be late. Jail time, community service hours, and court appearances will get in the way of your typical work schedule and can be very difficult to manage. Some jobs that require an employee to drive will even consider or finalize a termination after obtaining a DUI.

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Increase Auto Insurance Rates

Having a felony charge for a DUI can increase your auto insurance rates because you will be considered a high-risk driver. Insurance companies could increase your rates for multiple years and may even terminate your coverage.

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