When Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After an accident, you may feel unsafe, angry, or guilty. Injuries mean you have increasing medical expenses, or you have to repair the damage to your vehicle. In this scenario, a personal injury attorney may be the extra help you need to win your case.

A personal injury attorney can help you prove the other party’s negligence and obtain compensation for the accident. In fact, they can help you claim the compensation you deserve, cover medical expenses, and get the assistance you need if your injuries are permanent. Read on to learn more about the most common injury cases!

Wrongful Death Claim

A wrongful death claim is a personal injury claim, and does not depend on how the death occurred, but rather the claim is based on whether the death was caused by medical malpractice, a car accident, or any other wrongful means. This gives the surviving family the legal right to sue for wrongful death.

At Danks & Danks, we have handled hundreds of wrongful death cases, and we have over 50 years of combined experience helping our clients with wrongful death claims.

Car Accident Claim

When an accident is caused by violating the traffic law, or because of negligence; it usually results in stress, frustration, and serious injuries. At Danks & Danks, we don’t want you to worry about tackling everything yourself after an accident – we can handle the legal process for you.

A car accident lawyer can help you build your case. This way, you will focus on your recovery while we fight for your case.

Worker Compensation Claim

Workers’ compensation is insurance paid by the employer. It covers financial compensation to injured employees. When an employee is injured while working, he or she is entitled to claim the benefits that his employer owes him by law.

If you are injured on your job and you cannot work, you can file a claim for benefits and obtain some form of compensation. However, the entire process of claiming workers’ compensation benefits is time-consuming and an employment attorney may be able to make it easier for you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents may cause serious injuries. If a property owner was unable to fix a dangerous condition on his property, he may have legal issues if his negligence is proven.

In these cases, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to help you prepare your case and obtain reparations for the injuries you’ve received.

There are many occasions in which you may need a personal injury lawyer such as wrongful death, worker’s compensation, car wreck, and more.

No matter what your case is, an experienced attorney can help you solve your problem and plan a customized legal strategy for you. If your case is complex and you feel you could not handle it alone. Don’t hesitate to contact a specialized lawyer in personal injury who will defend your interests and help you save time and money in the long run.


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