When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

When to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Even if you’re not sure whether a personal injury lawyer is necessary for your personal injury claim, it can be a huge benefit to have an attorney from Danks & Danks review your case and recommend the right way to proceed. Here are just four scenarios when it may be necessary to make use of a personal injury attorney in Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

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You’ve Been Severely Injured

Making use of Danks & Danks personal injury lawyer services is especially important if you’ve suffered severe injuries. As injuries get more severe, they likewise are cause for higher financial damages. We’ll help document the damages that have occurred to ensure you get the most compensation for lost income, medical expenses, and other financial losses. Severe injuries can also result in disability, which Danks & Danks will help you file for if your injuries prevent you from returning to work due to permanent impairment.


Insurance Companies Working in Bad Faith

Ideally, the insurance company for the at-fault party that caused an injury should be working in good faith to come to a fast resolution. However, there are some instances where insurance companies intentionally try to avoid liability for a claim. This can include bad faith activities like failing to investigate a claim, causing delays, providing misleading information, denying to pay a valid claim, and more. If the at-fault party’s insurance is working in bad faith, you may be entitled to filing an additional claim against that insurance company.


Insurance or Other Parties Allege That You Caused the Accident

Some insurance companies may try to reduce the amount of compensation that you are entitled to from an injury by claiming that your actions contributed to the injury in question. For example, an insurance company may assert that because you were looking at your phone while crossing the street, your injury was at least partially your fault. In these instances, the insurance company is trying to reduce the amount they need to pay out in compensation. If an insurance company ever asserts that you are partially or fully at fault for your injuries, contact Danks & Danks immediately — do not discuss the claim with the insurance company. You need legal representation in this case.


You’re Unsure of the Value of Your Injury Claim

The amount of compensation that you deserve can be difficult to discern if you are not familiar with personal injury law. It can be hard to calculate the financial amount due for pain, income loss, and suffering. At Danks & Danks, we have the expertise to accurately determine the amount of financial loss that you’re entitled to compensation for. This area of law can be particularly complicated, and our professional legal team is here to ensure that you get the maximum amount of compensation that you are owed.

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