When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

When You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents leave all parties affected in one way or another. Recovering from losses and the ensuing trauma is always awfully hard, especially if you’ve been injured. You are probably overwhelmed with emotional pain, insurance claims, medical bills, and much more. Let us help. Contact Danks & Danks in Evansville, Indiana, to get the personal injury lawyer you need. We will give you the representation you deserve!

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Insurance Companies Aren’t on Your Side

If you’ve had any extensive experience dealing with insurance companies or filing claims, you would know that they aren’t on your side. When dealing with claims as such, insurance companies try to resolve and settle the matter as soon as possible. Most importantly, they aren’t concerned with your physical safety or long-term benefit. Your insurance company will most probably contact you as soon as possible after your accident. Furthermore, they will try to get you to agree to a settlement that may be unfair. A personal injury lawyer is the legal and emotional support you need after an accident.


Representing Yourself Is Not a Good Idea

A common myth is that you should represent yourself and not hire a personal injury lawyer. Let us tell you why that may not be the brightest idea. People with personal injury lawyers get 3-7 times more in insurance settlements than those who represent themselves. Insurance companies settle claims ASAP so they don’t have to compensate properly. As they “negotiate” with you, critical evidence like damaged vehicles vanishes into thin air. If you hire a personal injury lawyer, you demonstrate your seriousness about the claim. They will recognize and understand the lengths you’ll go to to get what’s rightfully yours.

No Win, No Fee

Most reputable law firms or solo practitioners will offer you a contingency fee. What that means is that your personal injury lawyer only gets paid if they obtain compensation for you. If the lawyer is unsuccessful in settling a claim in their client’s favor, they don’t get paid. This is why devoted personal injury lawyers will give their best so you can win.

We understand that the aftermath of an accident can undoubtedly be brutal. Not only is the victim affected emotionally, but they are also likely to be swindled by their insurance company. Over at Danks & Danks, Evansville, Indiana, our attorneys at law will work day and night to get you what’s rightfully yours. Contact us now!

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